Thank You Class 10 Students (Session 2021-22)

We are truly humbled by your words of appreciation & feedback. Your constant queries & questions guided us to design useful content. This was our first year of launching this site and we cannot thank you enough for your support. Your kind words mean a lot to us and encourage us to do better. While we hope that you would spread a word about this site, we do wish you great success in life….and remember education is not only knowledge but character also. Go out in the world and do your best…may God bless you all.

Welcome Students of Session 2022-23

We Welcome all new students who are now enrolled in Class IX & X, to our website. Our main aim is to simplify concepts and make learning easier. While we will keep updating content as we go forward, we would also upload topics/ content based on request and feedbacks. Therefore please feel free to write to us through any of the options available. We would be happy to accede to such requirements . Best Wishes for the future.

Launching New Initiative

With the encouraging feedback from our first venture www.simplystraight.in, we are happy to announce that we have launched a new website www.fizzytods.com addressing the learning needs of toddlers and kids who are just starting off their journey of getting educated. This site covers English, Hindi & Maths- the fundamental basis of all education gained thereafter. Initial content has been uploaded and more will get added as we move ahead. Do Check it out & provide your feedback.

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